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Four Point Inspections
  • When renewing or trying to obtain a homeowner's insurance policy for homes 30 years old and older, a Four Point Inspection is required by your insurance carrier.

Chastain Home Inspections Electrical Inspection
  • We use the standardized Citizens Form that is accepted by virtually all insurance agencies.


  • We can email the report directly to your agent and answer questions they may have.


  • We are certified to inspect homes for all insurance carriers in the state of Florida.


Four Point Inspections include inspection of the following four components of your home:

  • ​Electrical System- The age, condition, total amperage, wiring and any hazards that may be present.

  • (HVAC) System- Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System. The age of the system, condition and function.

  • Plumbing System- Age, type of pipes, condition of system, any leaks or deficiencies.

  • Roof- material, age, life expectancy, deficiencies.

HVAC Inspections Chastain Home Inspections
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